Selon la décision du Conseil d'Etat de Vaud cet établissement sera fermé jusqu’ au 28 février 2021. Merci de réserver vos séances à partir du 1 mars 2021. Prenez soin de vous et rester en bonne santé!



According to the decision of the State Council of Vaud, our studio will be closed until  28 of February, 2021. Please book your meetings starting with 1st of March, 2021. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!



EMS Training

        with a Personal Trainer

Get fit in just 20 minutes with EMS! Tone your body, lose weight, improve your posture, relieve joints and balance your muscular system!


EMS and Healthy Life Style a Winning Combination

EMS, traditional fitness, dancing, swimming, bodybuilding or any other type of workout that you do isn’t going to be effective if the right foods aren’t part of your current diet.


Why is nutrition such an important part of your EMS or any other sports practice and how should you combine both into a healthy habit?


The first thing we have to understand is that you cannot separate nutrition and EMS training or any sport if you want to obtain good results. They always work together, regardless of your objectives, so we need to pay attention to both!


In order to getting in shape, we need to pay attention to three  important aspects: strength training, cardio training and


Bio-Impedance Analysis and Nutrition Advice

Do you still want to lose a few kilos? We help you to reach your goal. We show you the way to get  your dream figure!