Nutrition advice

Is there something more important in the world than your own health or the one of your loved ones? A dietary imbalance will quickly bring digestive discomfort that can lead (in case it is not properly treated) to more or less serious pathologies. Our diet will support your optimal health in combination with the physical activity. Nutrition allows a non-intrusive action on the body and intervenes either during preventive or curative treatments. In nutrition, we are not talking about diets, but about nutritional equilibrium and the pleasure of eating...Our mission is to bring you the well being and the vitality of your body.



As a first step we identify the origin of your nutritional trouble by answering to simple questions about your lifestyle and eating habits.



Follow up session

In order to have a full view of your current eating habits, a diary of your meals will be required (minimum 1-2 weeks) and a couple of rules regarding your future eating rules will be established.

Personalised menu

After answering the anamnesis questionnaire and providing your food diary, a personalised menu will be recommended.

Follow up on results

We suggest to have a follow up meeting on the obtained results, after one month. Depending on it, the menu can be adjusted to your needs.

The BIO-Impedance Analysis is a tool for measuring the body composition-the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an important part of any comprehensive health and nutrition assessment.